Saturday, November 20, 2010


Litrature is the best way to describe our Life Style, Story, n much more things which held in our life.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is game of ping pong ball played in a table. This game is originated from china and it is the one of most played games in the world and most favorited game in the world. This game contain two player which stay in opposite side and shot the ball through each other.


Travelling is the best way of mood freshing.

Nowdays many people cannot get time for travelling because of their busy work.

This creates depression, tension on them.

Latest research from scientists found that people who travell alot suffer low from mental disease like tension and depressions.



South Africa

Foot ball is the best game played in the world. This game is also known as King of the all games.This games contains 2 team including 11 players in each team. Each team has 1 Goal keeper, 2 Forward players ,4 Midfielder and 4 defence players.The Best qualified match in the world is Fifa(Federeation International Football Association).Which going to Held on Brazil 2014.

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